Our Classday
Brayan 27 Zâra

It is a fabouluse sculpture beaucose it is a god psycopat.

 Zâra 56 57

Zacâ ( Camille )

I don't like this sculpture because;

This is very frightenig and impressive

this is dark

It makes noces




Atomik magik circus Eloïse

I like this Sculpture because                  

This is impressive and high


This is modern and funy 


Pavillon de la Pensée Sauvage - Dylan

I like this work because it's nice, there is optical illusions, there is a table and chairs (and I love sitting), it's colourful, it's peaceful and it makes me happy. A very big thanks to the creator of this work. 

Zâka Sara

I hate this work because it frighten me and i find it ugly...

Môtiers 2015 la plus moche (Oriane)

It is far too simple and it looks like a trash can.


It can even aillor in ume exposure (?).

Le Grand Nain (Gaëtan)

The worst sculpture is ''Le Grand Nain" because it's not very clever but it's funny.  His hat looks like ...

Neumarkt (Luna)

Neumarkt is my favourite sculpture.

La rencontre Laman (Jonas)

It's very ugly and un-understandable. It is...

Fuck art (Robin)

I like this sculpture because it is amazing and it is big.

It is awesome but this is on the ground.

This is a nice attraction.

It attracts many tourists.

Many people visit the sculpture.


The worst sculpture ! ( Julien)

I don't like this picture because it's not beautiful.

And it doesn't look like a cat.

It is not beautiful because it's orange!

It should be green...

The sculpture I hate is Burns in depth. (Luna)

I find it is too simple. It's not very original and we can make it ourselves.

It's just a  bottomless barrel.

La rencontre Laman (nathan)

It's the ugly work.It's just one picture. It's ugly and it's rasiste.


This is the best work of art because it say's just what i feel about art and the size corresponds to how boring art is.

Môtier course d'école (oriane)

I like this sculpture because its very original and big.

This sculpture give an optical illusion.

she's very tall.

It looks like it moves.

Fuck Art (Gaëtan)

I like this work because it's very beautiful and amazing art.It's amazing because it's very big work and these colors are black and white.


Môtier 2015 course d'école (Mia)

I like this sculpture (Zâca) because it's very polished and scary.

And it voice is very gloomy and it's a little bit witty.



I really hate this because it's weird and ugly:

it's looks like a trash pointless even if there are coins inside.

My favourite sculpture ! Julien

My favourite art is FUCK

I like this sculpture because it's fun and cool.

It's big and black and I like this. 

It is very beautiful !

But, her sentence is not beautiful !

My favortie work Jonas

My favortie work is "Fuck art" because it is beautiful and interesant. We have much fun. The Autere of euvre had a lot of imagination.     

Fuck art (Nathan)

My favourite art is Fuck artIt's what I think of art.I dislike art.It's a beautiful Work black and white.It's a Work Amazing.