Famous artists
James Horner
proposé par Francesco

My artist or famous person is called James Horner. He was born on the 14th August, 1953 in Los Angeles, he was American, he was a film maker.

James Horner played the piano when was 5, he lived in England and after that, he moved to California. James Horner wrote some soundtracks. He wrote 75 songs. The most famous are : The Name of the Rose, Braveheart, Titanic, Troy and maybe The New World.

proposé par Nathanaël

Rihanna is a famous R&B singer. She was born on 20th February 1988 on the island of Barbados.

She is very popular in the USA. Jay-z discovered her in 2003. She sings Disturbia, Umbrella, A Girl Like Me, ...

Since her hit single Umbrella, she has her own Umbrella?s brand.

She has brown skin and brown eyes. Her boyfriend is an another singer: Chris Brown.

And she has sold one million Cds!

Bow Wow
proposé par Anne =D

His real name is Shad Gregory Moss, He was born on 9th March 1987 in Ohio. He never saw his biological father. He has two sisters, Erica and Jasarah.

He's an American actor and rap & R'N'B singer. He started to sing at 6 with Snoop Dog and he made his first album Beware of Dog when he was 13.

His albums are : Wanted , Unleashed , The Price Of Fame & Face Off With Omarion, his best friend. His label is So So Deff.

He played in many movies : Like Mike, he plays the principal role, Roll Bounce , Johnson Family Vacation, Fast and the Furious - Tokio Drift.

Benny Benassi
proposé par Fréd.

He is a famous composer and a remixer and a wonderful DJ. His a real name is Marco Benassi. He started his career in 1980 with his cousin called Alle Benassi. His first CD was called I Feel So Fine. He received a gold CD.

He lives ans works in Italy at Reggio Emilia. He was born on 13th July 1967. He is Italian. He is very talented and amusing.

His others albums are :

  • Hypnotica
  • Rock and Rave
  • I'm a DJ
  • Ilusion
  • Satisfaction
proposé par Charlotte

Superbus is a French group. The group started with Jennifer Ayache. She was born on 9th November 1983. She was born in Cannes. She learned the drums when she was nine and the guitar when she was thirteen, then she learned the piano.

When she was fourteen, she went alone to America, she learned English. When she came back to France, she met Michel Giovannetti, François Even, Guillaume Rousé and Patrick Focone. Together, they founed the band. Jennifer Ayache found the name of the group in a latin dictionnary.

Some of theirs famous albums are Aéromusical, Wow, Lova Lova, Pop'n Gum.

proposé par Lucie

Jennifer Ayache was born on 9th November 1983 in France. She is a composer and a writer. She learned the drums when she was 9 and the guitar at 13. When she was a teenager she learned the piano. Now, she is the singer in a band. She founded the group Superbus and she found the name of the group in a latine dictionnary.

Then she met Michel and Patrice, they were guitarists. Michel Giovannetti was born on 30th November 1970 in France and Patrice Focone, the second guitarist was born on 7th August 1971.

After that they met François Even. François was born on 1st April 1972 in France.

Finally the last member of the band was Greg Jacks. He plays drums.

The group made three albums: Aéroplane in 2002, Pop'n'Gum in 2004 and Wow in 2006.

Anton Dvoràk
proposé par Léo

Antonin Dvoràk was born on 8th September 1841 in Nelahozeve, in the Czech Republic. He played the violine at the family inn, where his father, Frantisek Dvoràk, was a butcher.

Antonin played the organ, the piano and the viola too, and he spoke German. His parents enroled him at the organ school in Prag in 1857. He composed Sabat Mater in 1876 and he became famous with it. He met Johannes Brahms and Bedrich Smetana when he was in New York. He composed The New World Symphony, his famous work.

He died on 1st May 1904, in Prag.

The Beatles
proposé par Fanny

The story started in Liverpool in 1957 with John Lennon. He was born on 9th October 1940 in Liverpool. He met a new friend, James Paul Mac Cartney. James was born on 18th June 1943 in Liverpool. With George Harrisson, the group (Quarry Men) was inexperimened but appeared on TV in 1959. George Harrisson was born on  25th February 1943 in Liverpool. In 1960, the group was called "Jonny and the Moondogs", then "The Beatles". Pete Best was the first drummer of the band. He was goodlooking and had a very rocker look. In 1961, they sang in clubs in Hamburg and went back to England.There, they met their manager and their friend, Brian Epstein. He was the fifth of "The Beatles". In 1962 Pete Best left the band and Richard Starkey, (Ringo) arrived. He was born on 7th July 1940 in Liverpool. The Beatles sang "Love me do" in 1962. The Englishes wore a british tie and suit. They sang: "Yesterday", "Help", "We can work in out", "Please, Please me", "She loves you", ... In 1967 Brian Epstein died and in 1980 John Lennon died in New York. 


proposé par Clelia

Nightwish is a symphonic power meal Finnish band. This band was born in July 1996 at midnight when Tuomas was spending a night with is friends around a campfire. At that time, the band had 3 members : Tuomas, Emppu and Tarja. Tarja has left the band.

The leader, Tuomas Holopainen was born on 25th December 1976. He is 31 years old, is Finnish and plays the keyboard.

Anette Olzon is the singer. She's Swede and was born on 21st June 1971. Her birth name is Anette Blyckert.

Marco Hietatala was born on 14th January 1966. He's a Finnish bassist. He sing too.

Emppu birth name is Erno Matti Juheni Vuarinen. He was born on 24th 1978 in Finland. He play the guitar.

The last. Julius was born in 21st april 1978. He's a Finnish drummer. His real name is Junkka Antero Nevalainen.

They has sold 3 million of albums.

The Ting Tings
proposé par Jessica

The Ting Tings is a British band founded in 2006. The two members are Katie Withe and Jules de Martino.

Katie Withe was born on 18th June 1986 in a farm, near Manchester. She learned the guitar and to sing when she was 13 years old. She foundet her first band, TKO (Total Knock Out) with her two friends Joanne Leeton and Emma Lally when she was 15 years old.

Jules de Martino was born on 8th February 1983. He's father was a musician too so he learned music the music when he was very young.

He met Katie at the College, in London. Their first album was released in 2008 and was called  `` We Started Nothing...´´. The single  ``Shut Up and Let Me Go´´ was number one in the British charts.

proposé par Lucas X3

Brasco is a very good singer. He was born in Guadeloupe.

He arrived in France in Paris in 1997. He only had a bag. He slept in the streets. He learned the base of Rap.

In 2006 he made his first appearance in the generic of the film "300". He made his first album on 8th September.

We don't know a lot of things about his childhood.

Nelly Furtado
proposé par Sarah =)

One of my favorite singers is Nelly Furtado.

Her real name is Nelly Kim Furtado and she was born on 2nd December 1978 in Victoria in Canada. She's a pop and R&B  singer, a songwriter, an actress but also a musician. She's Portuguese and Canadian.    

She has got a brother and a sister. She's the mother of a little girl, Nevis.

When she was young, she wrote some songs and she sang in Portuguese with her mother in a choir. In 1997, she went to Toronto and she founded the group Nelstar with Newkirk. Later, she left it. His tree album are: Whoa Nelly! (2000), Folklore (2003) and Loose (2006). She sang: Maneater, All good things, Say it right, I'm like a bird and Promiscuous with Timbaland. She played in Mahnattan Experts and in Max Payne.

Bob Marley
proposé par Marina :D

Nesta Robert Marley (Bob Marley) was born on 6th February 1945 in Jamaica. His mother was called Cedella and his father's name was Norval.

He started with Neville Livingston & Peter Tosh, but it didn't worked (He was 17.) In 1963, he formed with Junior Braithwaite, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer the "The Wailing Wailers". But it didn't worked either. In his life, he met a lot of producers and artists (Jonny Nash, Danny Sims, Lee "Scratch" Perry,...) but it never worked.

Finally in 1973 he had success with the "Wailers" but Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh left the band. It was not a problem for Bob Marley, he sang alone!

On 11th May 1981 he died in Miami.

proposé par Morena =DD

Akon was born on 30. April . His real name is Alioun Badara Thiam. He is a R&B singer from Senegal. He was born in 1973, in Saint-Louis (Senegal). He moved to the USA when he was seven years old, and he lived with his family in New-Jersey.

Like his father, the famous musician Mor Thiam, he loved music. When he was 23 years old, he made his first album The score. Next, he left the group to worked alone. Later, he was accused of car trafic, and he went to jail for 3 years in New-York . he is famous for his title Locked up wich he speaks his past when he was in jail. For his second album Konvicted, he worked with famous artists like Snoop Dog , Style P.  aso.

Whitney Houston
proposé par Marie-Pierre

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born on 9 August 1963 at Newark, in the suburbs of New-York.

Her mother is an ancient chorus-singer of Aretha Franklin and her aunt, Dionne Warwick, is a famous singer. so she grows in a musical environment. When she was young, she sang at church. She was a fashion model in diverse magazines when she was 16. She also played in the cinema in "Ricky or the beautiful life".

Her career started by a duet with Teddy Pendergrass. Then, she made her first album in 1985, which is called simply "Whitney Houston". It had a lot of success. Her second album, "Whitney", appeared in 1987. She beat the record of the Beatles and the Bee Gees. In 1990, the third album appeared and it was called "I'm Your Baby Tonight".

In 1989, Whitney created the association "For Children", for the ill children or without shelter. In 1990, she got married with Bobby Brown and they had a daughter, Bobbi Kristina. In September 2006, she got divorced.

Whitney played the godmother in "Cinderella", a musical comedy. She made again an album, "My Love is Your Love", in 1998.

Sum 41
proposé par Aloïs

Sum 41 is a Canadian punk-rock group formed in the late 1990s. They made four CDs. At the beginning, the group was not famous but today they travel around the world.

Sum 41 is made of 4 musicians : the singer and guitarist Deryck Whibley (Bizzy D), the bassist Jason Cone (McCaslin) and the drummer Steve Jocz (Stevo 32). The guitarist Dave Baksh (Brownsound) lef the group in May 2006 and a new guitarist replaced him. His name is Tom Tacker and he's a singer and a guitarist in an other group.

They made their fifth album with Tom Thacker. It's called Underclass Hero. I like this group because their songs are always different.


Half Your Power

Does This Look Infected ?

In To Deep


Underclass Hero

Chris Brown
proposé par Delphine =D

Chris Brown was born on 5th May 1989. His real name is Christopher Maurice Bown.
His mother was called Joyce Hawkins and his father Clinton Brown. He had 15 brothers and sisters.

He is an actor and a singer. He started his acting career in Friends. He played in This Christmas and in Steppin in 2007.

His singing career started in 2005. He released his first album. It was produced by Scott Storchll. Scott wrote songs for Rihanna, Jonas Brothers and Britney Spears too.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
proposé par Mirco <3

He was born on 27th January 1759 in Salzburg in Austria and he died on 5th December 1791 in Vienna in Austria.

He was a classical music composer, he played the piano and the violin. His mother was called Anna-Maria Pertl and his father was called Léopold Mozart. His wife was called Constanze Weber and with her he had six children. At the age of eleven, he was a prodig children.

Katy Perry
proposé par Alicia (^_^)

Katy Perry was born on 25 October 1981 in Santa Barbara in California. Her real name is Katherine Elizabeth Hudson. She is an American song writer.

Katy didn't come to the music by chance. She is a daughter of two priets. She grew up listening to gospel music and she sang with the church.

She's got a diploma at Dos Pueblos High School in California in 2003 and she moved to Los Angeles at 18.

She released an album with Christian Music under the name of Katy Hudson in 2001. She changed her family name, which become "Perry" which is her mother's birthname.

Katy is famous for two of her albums Ur So Gay in 2007 and I kissed a Girl. This last album topped the charts all over the world.

Elton John.
proposé par Savita

His real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight. He was born on 25th March 1947, in London. I think that his voice is magical, and his songs are great.

In 1951, he started to play the piano and in 1958 he went in the Royal Music Academy. In 1964, he received his first prize a the Academy. In 1967 he left the group Bluesology.

He admired the singer of the group, John Baldry, and the saxofonist Elton Dean. That is the reason why he decided to change his name, and became Elton John.

When he was 24 years old, he met the composer Bernie Taupin. They started to work together and he made his first song, "your song". In 1976, Elton John had his star on the "Hollywood boulevard of fame".

In 1984, he got married with Renata, and in 1988, he got divorced. In 1989, he said that he was gay. In 1992, he made his foundation: "Elton John Aids Foundation", to help the people who have aids.

In 1994, he composed the soundrack for "The lion king". For his song "Can you feel the love tonight", he received the Academy Award of the best song of the year and the Gramy of the best singer.

In 1996, he created a film production company, "Rocket Picture". When he was 50 years old, in 1997, his friend Vercacie and the princess Diana died. he modified his song "Candle in the wind" for them. On 21st December 2005, he married David Furnish.