Famous people
Christopher Ashton Kutcher
proposé par Laurène

Ashton Kutcher is a famous actor and a famous star.

 He plays in: The Butterfly effect, Just Married, A lot like love? and he has a TV show: Punk'd

Ashton lives in Cedar Rapids in Iowa, USA with his family,his twin brother, Michael, and his older sister called Tausha. His parents Larry and Diane, divorced when Ashton was thirteen years old.

 He likes all sports, but also developed drama.

 In the past, he wanted to be an actor and in 1998, he decided to pass an audition.

He's married with Demi Moor and their family is very important to him.

Nicolas Cage
proposé par David

His first name is Nicolas and his surname is Cage. He lives in Los Angeles or San Francisco or the Hollywwod Hills. He is a famous American actor.

He does some sports two times per day and writes poems. He has a big collection of sports cars.

Steven Spielberg
proposé par Raphael

His name is Steven and his surname is Spielberg.

He is 61 years old.

His  hobbies is making film.

He makes films.

He lives in Los Angeles near the beach in the USA.

He was born 1946

Avril Aril Lavigne
proposé par Maelle

Avril Lavigne is a famous singer. She is 23 years old. Her nationality is Canadian. She isn't very tall and she has blond hair and grey and blue eyes. Avril plays Rock, Pop and Punk. She has always loved music. Avril begins to write songs at the age of 12. She stops school at 16 to play music. Avril plays the guitar, the drums and the piano. She is a cinema actress since 2006. At the same time she's a photo model for Chanel. Avril lives in Los Angeles with her husband Deryck Whibley.

She made many CDs: "The best damn thing", "Under my skin", "Let go", ...

Tranquillo Barnetta
proposé par Adeline

Tranquillo Barnetta is a famous football player. He plays in the club Bayer 04 Leverkusen, in Germany.

Tranquillo lives in Cologne, in Germany, he likes football, tennis, ping-pong, snowboard and his family and friends.

He's 22 years old.

His favourite film's: "Pirates of the Caribbean" and his favourite holiday place is Punta Cana.

His mother name's Andrea, his father name's Tranquillo and his brother's name's Allesandro, he is 26 years old.

His companion's name's Sandra. She's 22 years old. Her job's pharmacy assistant.

Allen Iverson
proposé par Adrien

Allen Iverson is a famous professional basketball player. He plays in the Denver Nuggets team.

He lives in Philadelphia in the USA with his family.

 He also likes basketball and to have fun with his family.

 In the future, Allen Iverson wants to win MVP (it's a competition).

Johnny Depp
proposé par Margaux

Johnny Depp is an American actor.

He has one brother. He's called Daniel. He has two sisters. They are called Christy and Debbie.

He's born in the city of Owensboro. He's 44. He plays in ''Pirates of the Caribbean''.

His companion is called Vanessa Paradis. They have two children. Vanessa Paradis is his companion since 1998. She's a singer and an actress.

David Douillet
proposé par Irina

David Douillet is a famous judoka.

His hobbies are motorbike and judo.

He can speak French but he can't speak Japaneese.

He lives in his family. He was married with Valérie. But they divorced.

Roger Federer
proposé par Jéremie

His name's Roger Federer and he is 26 years old. He is a famous tennisman and he lives in Basel, Switzerland. His hobbies are golf, football, friends, Playstation, music and playing cards. His favourite food is Tomatoes and Mozzarella di Buffala, Gnocchi and Gorgonzola, sausage and cheese.

His favourite colours are blue, red and white. His favourite animals are the lion and the tiger. His favourite musicians are AC/DC and Lenny Kravitz.

Johnny Depp
proposé par Marina

He's called Johnny Depp. He's a famous filmstar and a good producer. His father is an engineer. He has a brother, Daniel and two sisters, Christy and Debbie. He likes fantastics stories and music. He has a girl, Lily-Rose and a boy, Jack with Vanessa Paradis. He plays in Pirates of the Carribean , Charlie and the chocolate factory and "Edward Scissorshands".

Mandy Moore
proposé par Rachel

She was born on the 10th of April 1984 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Her real name is Amanda Leigh Moore. She grew up in Orlando, Florida with her two brothers and her parents. Her father is a pilot and her mother is a journalist. Now she lives in New York.

She had affairs with: Wilmer Valderrama of the "That 70s. Show", Andy Roddick a tennisman and Zach Braff of the serie "Scrubs".

Her first single was "So Real" and it came out when she was fifteen years old. Then she made 4 other singles, one this year, "Wild Hope". Mandy has participated in more than fifteen films, including: Dr. Doolittle 2; Princess Diaries (Princesse malgré elle); A Walk To Remember; Because I Said So,...     ....And she is only twenty-three..!!!

In one word, she loves music!!!

(Go look on: "")

David Beckham
proposé par Saskia

His name is David Beckham.

David lives in England. He is English.

He plays football in Los Angeles Galaxy.

He is thirty-two years old.

He has three children.

Gad Elmaleh
proposé par Jeanne

Gad Elmaleh is a one-man-show-humorist and actor who lives in France. He can speak Morrocan Arabic, French and Hebrew.

He was born in Casablanca the 19th April 1971. At just 17 years old he goes to Quebec in 1992, at 22 years old, he goes to Paris where he makes his first one-man-show: "Décalages".

In 2001, Gad Elmaleh marries Anne Brochet and has a son, Noé. He makes his second one-man-show : "La vie normale".

In contrast to his two first one-man-show, the third "L'autre c'est moi" (2006), contains more improvisations and interactions with the public. He is now 36 years old.

Léonard de Vinci
proposé par Audrey

Leonardo da Vinci is Italian. He lives in Italy, in a small village: Vinci. His father is called Ser Pierro da Vinci and his mother is called Catherina.

He likes drawing, painting, carving, music, ...

He can draw, read, write, paint, carve, build, ...

He is a musician.

George Bush
proposé par Thibault

He's called George Washington Bush. He's 61 years old. He has two sisters and three brothers.

He is the 43th president of the United States of America. He is the former governor of Texas.He started the wars in Irak in 2003.

He likes shooting with a gun, hunting, politics and he can destroy the world with atomic bombs.

He was elected two times. Once in 2000 and one more time in 2004.

Frankie Muniz
proposé par Giuseppe

He was born in New  Jersey  (1985, 21 years old).

His real name is Francisco James Muniz, he is a famous actor. He lives with his family in New Jersey (USA). He plays in "Malcolm", in "my skien skip" and "Cody Banks".

His hobby is car racing and he wants to be a professional pilot.

Zinedine Zidane
proposé par Mauro

Zinedine Zidane is a famous footballer. He plays in the French national team. He won the world cup in 1998 with the French team.

Zinedine lives in France or in Spain. He was born on 23rd June 1972, he is 35 years old. His nationality is Algerian and French. Zinedine likes his team and the ball. He has got many rewards for example: The Golden Ball in 1998 and 3 times the Fifa World player of the world. In the future, he wants to support charity activities for invalid children.

Jesse Metcalfe
proposé par Celine

Jesse Metcalfe is a famous actor and a model. He plays John Rowland in "Desperate Housewives", the gardener of the Solis family. He is Italian, French and Portuguese. He was born on 9th December 1978.

Jesse lives in Florida.

Jesse likes to play the piano and the guitar and to sing. He also likes to play basketball and golf. In the future he wants to be even more famous!

proposé par Anne
Her name is Fergie but her real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson. She's from Los Angeles in the US. She was born on March 27, 1979 and she has one sister, Dana Ferguson. She was member of a group called Black Eyed Peas. Now she's also a solo singer and she makes CD's : The Dutchess, London Bridge, Fergalicious and Big Girls Don't Cry. Before Fergie became a singer she was a TV show presenter.
Didier Cuche
proposé par Thomas

He's called Didier Cuche. He's from le Pâquier. He's 33 years old. He has two brothers and they are called Bernard and Alain. He's a professional skier.

He likes to do golf, to ride a moto, to do water skiing,  to ride a bike and to climb. His hobbies are cinema and music.

His career began in 93-94.