Cartoon Characters
proposé par Quentin

My favourite cartoon is called Bip-Bip. It's a blue bird. More precisely a big Road Runner.

It lives in California. It's very fast. Its enemy is called Vil Coyotte. It's very stupid. Bip-Bip is very crafty and it's a pratical jocker.

It's got a big blue crest, two oranges legs, a long blue tail and an orange beak. It can fly.

Lucky Luke
proposé par Juliette

His name is Lucky Luke.

He's quite big and very thin. He's got black hair and brown eyes.He's got a yellow shirt, blue trousers and a brown belt.

He lives in the Far West and his best friend is Jolly Jumper. He can shoot faster than his shadow. He don't like Rantanplan(he's very boring!).

proposé par Nathalie

His name's Yakari.

He's quite short and thin. He has got big black eyes. He's got long black hair and a blue ribbon in his hair with a feather. He's got a small nose. His mouth is smiling. He's got a brown skin.

He wears a brown tunic, red trousers and yellow moccassins.

He lives with his tribe, Sioux in America.

He plays with Arc-en-ciel and Graine-de-Bison.

He can speek with animals and he rides Petit Tonnerre.

He likes to eat meat of bison.

proposé par Roxane Stahl
His name is Tweety. He's a canary.  He's short and yellow. He has blue eyes and three hairs. He has big orange legs. He has a big head and a short tail. He lives with an old woman, Mummy, and her cat Silvester. He loves to sing and to swim in water. Silvester is always trying to catch him to eat it, but Tweety always succeeds in escaping from his traps. 
proposé par Joanna

His name is Obélix.

He's quite tall and fat. He has got orange hair and green eyes. He wears trousers with blue and white stripes. He lives in a small village in Gaul, near the Romans. When he was a little boy, he drank magical liquid and now he's very strong.

He loves his best friend: Astérix and his dog: Idéfix. He loves to eat boars, but he hate the Romans. He can transport and sell big stones and he can catch boars in the forest. He goes across a number of adventures with Astérix and Idéfix.


proposé par Robin

He's called Garfield. He's a cat. He's got a long tail and short ears. He's got orange fur. He's got a short nose and a small moustache. He's got a short neck and a big belly. He's quite tall but it's fat. He lives in a small house with his master. He likes eating lasagna,pizza and spaghetti. He's a Lasagna's fan. He can do nothing because it's fat.

Edward Elric
proposé par Keyan

His name's Edward Elric. He's quite small and he's got yellow eyes. He's got blond hair and a braid. He's got a red coat and black boots. He's got two automails (an automail is an arm or a leg in metal). He's 16 years old. He can do alchemy and he's very violent. His brother can do alchemy too. He works in the army.

He hates when some one tells him that he's short. He loves fish, meat, and salad. He doesn't like the colonel Mustang, an other alchemist.   

proposé par Florian

His name is Titeuf. He's quite tall. He's got long hair and blond hair. He's got small ears. He's got a big mouth. He's got a big face. He's got a short neck. He's got a big nose. He's got a short legs. He's got a short arms. He's got blue and small eyes.

He lives with his parents and with his sister.

He likes to play football and basketball. He loves Nadia. He dosen't like his sister called Zizi. He hates Dumbo.

proposé par Lucie

His name is thorgal. He's  tall. He's got long black hair and brown eyes. He's brave and honest. He lives in the North with wife and his children.

He likes his family. He can shoot with a bow well. He doesn't have a lot of luck and he doesn't like violence. He wants to live in peace but the gods don't agree.

proposé par Marie-Pierre

His name is Taz. He's quite short and he's got brown fur. He's got a big mouth with a big and long tongue, and quite big eyes.

It's the devil of Tasmania. He likes to devour all that there's on his way. He can change into actual twister for to get around. He doesn't speak, but he emits strange growls.

Ayamé Sôma
proposé par Seyran

He lives in Japan.

He's tall and thin. He's got long grey hair and yellow-brown eyes.

He's 35 years old.

 He is always very happy.

He is very exentric.

 His favourite friends are Hatori and Shiguré.

He likes his little brother, Yuki, and to bully Kyô.

He wears girls dresses.

He hates to be angry.

Because of the a malediction, he changers into a grey snake.


Kyô Sôma
proposé par Elsa

His name is Kyô Sôma and he is 17 years old.

He's tall and thin. He's got orange hair and orange eyes. He's got a thin nose.

He always changes clothes.

He lives in Japan.

He likes martial arts and he like to fight Yuki.

He can change into an orange cat because of a malediction.

He hates the leeks.

He hates Kagura but he loves Tohru.

The cats loves Kyô.

Edward Elric
proposé par Clelia

His name is Edward Elric. He is 16 and he is a alchemist.

He's quite short and thin.

He's got blond and long hair and yellow eyes.

He's got a red coat and blacks boots.

He's got two automails(a arm and a leg of metal).

He look for the philosophal stone with his brother Alphonse.

He can do alchemy and Alphonse too.

He hates milk, his father and when some one tells him that is short.

He likes Winry Rockbell and Winry's grand mother and fighting. He's violent.

proposé par Célia

The name of this boy is Cédric dupont.

He's quite short, he's got fair hair, he has got a green t-shirt and blue jeans.

He is eight years old and he lives in France, in a nice house with his family.

His mother, Marie-Rose, is a housewife.

His father, Robert, is a carpet seller.

His grandfather is grumpy and he always sleeps.

Cédric likes cinema, foot, his friends and... he enormously loves CHEN, a beautiful Chinese girl.

But Cédric has a rival, Nicolas d'Aulnay des Charentes du Ventou, a rich boy.

Lucky Luke
proposé par Sulliane

He's called Lucky Luke. He's a cowboy. He lives in West America, in the Far West.

He's got black hair and he's got a white hat. He's got brown eyes and he's got a straw in his mouth. He's tall and thin. He's got a red neckerchief and he's got blue jeans.

He's got one horse called Jolly Jumper. It's got white fur and yellow horse hair and  together they gallop for a long time!!!

Lucky Luke always catches the Dalton brothers.

He fires more quickly than its shade.

He is lonesome.

proposé par Marina
His name is Titeuf. He's quite short, he has got a long blond lock and he has got brown eyes. He's got a big nose. He wears a purple T-Shirt and white trousers. He lives in a city. He likes to see his friends. He can do nasty thing. He says always "tchô monde cruel" (bye world cruel) or "c'est pô jute" (it's not fair). 
proposé par Leila

He is called Scooby-doo.

He's seven years old.

He's got brown fur, two long ears, four legs and black spots and he is a Danish dog.

He eat scooby-snacks, pizzas with anchovies and chocolate, sandwiches and ice cream.

He lives in the kennel near the Samy's house.

His best friend is Samy and the fridge.

His ambition is to eat the most of scooby-snackes.

He weighs 70 kg and he's 70 cm tall.


proposé par Isabelle

Taz is a Tasmanian devil, he was born on 19th June.

He lives in Australian forest.

His wife is called She Devil.

His humor always changes.

He's quite short and he's brown with black eyes.

His best ennemies are Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

He loves eating.

His favourite sentence is: $@0! YARG! & PROUT! GRR! £%! EATING !

He can turn on himself.

proposé par Lucas

Titeuf lives in a building with his parents and his small sister, she's called Zizi. 

His best friend's called Manu. At school, he doesn't work. He thinks about Nadia because he's in love.

He always wears a purple sweater, white trousers and red shoes.

He doesn't like vegetables, but he likes ice cream, sweets and meat.

He's stupid and quite short. He's got long blond hair.