Our hobbies
My hobby : football
proposé par Danilo

My hobby is football. I play football in a club. There are a lot of clubs in our area.

When I have freetime, I play football with my friends or I go to Colombier to play football on the football field.

I like football and my friends too. I want to become a famous football player. My favourite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

I like football much because it is a very beautiful sport.

My hobby: football
proposé par Maxence

 My hobby is football. I don?t play in a club, I play only for fun.When it?s hot, I play football with my friends on the football field in my village. When it?s cold, I play a football game on my playstation two.

Each year, I watch the Champions League on TV. It?s a football competiton with the best European football clubs. My favourite one is Chelsea, an English team.

My hobby : tennis
proposé par Alois

My hobby is tennis. I play tennis in a club in Colombier. I play tennis every week with my coach and sometimes with my friends. I play with my right hand. I like tennis because it's funny and difficult. In my town every body play tennis.

the piano
proposé par Chantal

I play the piano and the keyboards. That's a fantastic instrument because we can play a lot of sounds and melodies but it's a bit complicated but i love music.

I go to a music school called BBM74 (blues breath music) in Neuchâtel. that's a great school because we learn to play music together. The teachers are very nice there, and the students too!

We play rock, punk, reggae, jazz and blues. It's the music that i like.

Every week i have a 45 minutes lesson and after five lessons, with other students who play another instrument (drums, guitar, singing...), we train two songs together.

My brother and my cousin play music there too! My brother plays the drums and my cousin the electric guitar.

Every year the school organizes one or two concerts. This year I had two concerts and one after the summer course. That course was during the holiday from Monday to Saturday and we played music five to six hours a day. On Saturday afternoon we finished with a little concert in a bar.

That was really great!

My hobbies
proposé par Kevin

In my spare time, I have got several hobbies. In the summer when the sun is shining and when it's hot, I go to the lake with my friends or my brother.

When it rains I stay at home, I watch TV and I listen to the music because I like RAP. My favourite singer is Diam's...

My hobby: badminton
proposé par Aurélie

My hobby is badminton because it allows me to relax by hitting in the shuttle-cock. Morever it?s a wonderful sport because you can stay fit. I do it two hours a week. I practise badminton in a center or in my garden with my younger brother or my parents.

(It?s not true)

My hobbies: riding a horse and boxing
proposé par Mylène

I have got two hobbies.

My first hobby is riding a horse. On Wednesday, I ride a horse at my riding school. On Saturdays and Sundays I ride with my father. At my riding school I usually ride "Courtwood girl" but I sometimes ride "Milady". With my father I ride "Geisha" and he rides "Baladin". I love "Geisha" because it's beautiful and fast.

My second hobby is boxing. I'm in a boxing-club. I find the technique and the sparring difficult. My coach is called Guillaume and he was professional boxer. His brother helps me when Guillaume is occupied. I love my club because the people are very nice and they help me.

I love sport!

My hobby : dancing
proposé par Ines

My hobby is dancing. I love dancing because I'm with my friends. I can unwind, laugh and I can learn new dances. We are eighteen girls. I like hip-hop but I don't like rock... I always dance and I dance everywhere. Each Thursday I go training dance. To dance I wear my black trainers, short trousers and a white t-shirt. I like to sing, swim, ride a bike... but my favourite hobby is dancing.

My hobby is writing!
proposé par Marie

My hobby is writing. It's been my hobby since I was a child. I often write when I am sad, because it relieves me. I rather write novels, but also poems and songs. I write in quiet places, so rather in the nature... I sometimes write all day !

My novels often speak about teenagers problems or about humour. My favourite author is Guillaume Musso, because he speaks about painful subjects.

I really want to publish my books later and concerning my job, I want to become a journalist. I want to do this job because it's interesting. We learn and discover a lot of things, and we inform or distract people. All journalism subjects attract me, except sport and war reporting.

proposé par Marie

My hobby is volleyball. I like to play volleyball, because I like the spirit of competition.

It?s funny but it?s very tiring. I like this sport, because I am happy to play with other persons.

I have three trainings a week.

My hobby : Riding a horse
proposé par Sandra

I ride a horse at a riding school called the Cudret in Corcelles. I usually go for a walk in the forest with the horses. I also do some jumping and training exercices.

I take care of the horse after the lesson. I brush it horsehair, shower it and clean its hooves. I do my hobby once to twice a week.

To ride a horse, I need a good saddle, a bridle and a riding cap. I like my hobby, because I like horses very much and the surrounding is pleasant. Horses are like friends. I really enjoy the time I spend doing my hobby.

My hobbies
proposé par Leyla***

I like the piano and I play it one day a week, on Wednesday. I don't play very well. I sometimes play basketball, too, with my father.

Every Sunday I run in my village with my brother and sisters.

At home, I do babysitting for my brother, he's a baby. I often read a book or  sometimes watch TV. And ... I love cooking for my family! 

proposé par Sabrina

I'm a swimmer.

Every week I go to a swimming pool and I stay there for two hours. I like swimming competitions. Some weeks I have a competition.

I want to stop doing it but I go swimming two days a week.

It's very funny!!!

Synchronized Swimming
proposé par Maruska

I like swimming because I feel well in the water.

Every Saturday I practise synchronized swimming at the Red Fish club.

As we do many figures under water, we must have a very good breathing.

For synchronized swimming I wear a swimmingsuit, a nose cilp, a swimming cap and goggles.

proposé par Mélanie

My hobby is sport. I do dancing, boxing, skateboarding and snowboarding. I practice sport 6 hours a week. My favourite sport at the moment is boxing. I like it because it's fun and the people are great!

With my friend, Mylène, we go to the ''Boxing-club Colombier'' and we box together. Boxing is difficult because it's very technical. Our coach is called Guillaume. We have two trainings a week.

I want to keep boxing for a long time to become better. Boxing is a good sport for self-confidence. My uncle was Swiss champion in 1969 and in 1974.

proposé par Roberto

I'm a football player..

The team is called " Neuchâtel Xamax ". I love football because my dad plays football and because it's a collective sport.

I play football six to seven times a week. I have five trainings and one match. It's a hard and physical sport but I have a lot of fun to play it, I love it!!!

Football is the best sport!

proposé par Katleen

My hobby is dancing. I practice at a rock dance school with my brother. We practice every week. It?s great.

We?re a group of twelve young people, six boys and six girls. Dancing is a very tiring activity.

proposé par Gésaline

My favorite hobby is basketball. I play basketball at Neuchâtel. I like this sport beacause it is a team game. I have two trainings a week. My favourite basketball player is Tony Parker.

I also like computer, music, swimming and go-karting.

My Hobby: climbing
proposé par @ntoine

My hobby is climbing. I like climbing because it is funny and very exiting. I climb every week with my friend in my club: ?Club Alpin Suisse?. I climb with a friend for the belaying and with my material: a rope, climbing shoes, three locking carabiners, 6 carabiners, a descender, a helmet and a harness.

We can climb inside or outside. Inside, we can climb on a block without a rope, it is very cool. Outside we can climb normally or on a ridge.

Horse riding
proposé par Floriane

I like horse riding. I practise it at a riding school. It?s called ``Le Cudret´´. It?s next to Corcelles. It?s a big riding school. It?s a beautiful place next to a forest.

There are a lot of horses. The horses are beautiful, docile and affectionate. I go there every week. The teachers are very nice and the horse riders too. I ride and take care of the horses. I ride different horses. I like horse-riding because I love horses, nature and sport.

My second hobby is being with my friends and discuss with them. We do a lot of activities together. I like reading too. I read a lot of books. I often go to the library. I like novels and fantastic stories. I like adventure books too.

my hobby
proposé par Florence

My hobby is listening to music. I listen to music because it is very relaxing and some singers have a very beautiful voice. I'm not listening now but I listen in my free time.

My favourite English song is ''America'' and my favourite singer is ''Mika''. I have a new stereo. You can see a photograph of it next to the text. My friends listen to my new radio with me. They like that too...

My hobby
proposé par Marine

My hooby is reading. It's my hobby because it's interesting and relaxing. I read in my bebroom or in the living-room. I read in the evening in my bed or when I have some spare time.

I always take many books to read them on the beach. I read novels (adventures or love stories), newspapers, comics ...

My favourite novel is Harry Potter. It's really great.

proposé par Théo

What's my hobby? I'm a football player.

I'm in a fooball team. It's called Boudry FC. That's a little club but it's good and amusing. We usually win. I play in defence and I go training 3 times a week and and play a match every week

My favourite team is CHELSEA. It's a London's club. They're England champions. I like that club because they're very strong. My favourite player is Cissé. Football is a fantastic sport and it's the best, of course!