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Nobel Prize in astronomy
proposé par Noémie
I, Noémie, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy , give the posthumous Cescole Nobel prize to Neil Armstrong because he was a famous man.

Neil Alden Armstrong was born on 5th august 1930 in Wakaponeta in Ohio. 

He was also an astronaut , aerospace engineer, naval aviator of the United State Navy , test pilot, and university professor in Prudue .

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon on 21st July 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission. He said a famous sentence : "That's a small step for a man ,one giant leap for mankind."

He took part in 2 missions in space: Gemini 8 and the famous Apollo 11.

He died on 25th August 2012 in Colombus at 82 years old.

Nobel Prize of music
proposé par Tim

I, Tim, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy, give the posthumous Cescole Nobel prize to Micheal Jackson.

I chose Micheal Jackson because he was a fantastic dancer and a good singer I think.

He was an American recording artist.

He was born in 1958 and he started on the professional music scene with his brothers in 1964 and he began his solo career in 1971.

Micheal Jackson died in 2009 in Los Angeles.


Nobel Prize
proposé par Arthur

I give the posthumous Cescole Nobel Prize to Theodore Roosevelt. He was an American politician who was born in 1858 and in 1904 became the 26th President of the United States. In 1906 he received the nobel Prize for peace for finding peaceful solutions during the Russo-Japanese war.        

 He died in 1919 at age 60.

After his death, his face was engraved on Month Rushmore next to that of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.



Nobel Prize of the best song
proposé par Adriano

I, Adriano ,member of the 11MA1 Nobel Prize Academy, give the posthumous Cescole Nobel Prize to Serge Gainsbourg.

He won the Cescole Nobel Prize of the best song because he wrote a lot of successful songs for other singers.

Born on 2nd April 1928, Lucien Ginsburg wanted to become a painter but he got famous as a singer under the name of Serge Gainsbourg. His beginning on scene was hard because he was ugly. He showed himself as a poet and a rebel and stayed famous for his provocations (Withney Houston's incident).

He seduced a lot of beautiful and famous women, like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.

He got a big influence on many French artists like Renaud or Etienne Daho, but also on international artists like Portishead

Nobel Prize
proposé par Bénédict

I, Bénédict, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy, give the posthumous Cescole Nobel prize to Severiano Ballesteros.

I chose Severiano because he was considered on of the best golfer in the world.

He was born in 1957 and he died in 2011. He was Spanish. He was a professional golfer, world champion several times. He won 99 tournaments, including 49 of the European tour.

Pablo Picaso
proposé par Frrolo

I Frrolo, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy, give the posthumous Cescole Nobel prize to Pablo Picaso

I chose Pablo Picaso because he was a painter.

He was born in 1881, he was a Spanish painter and sculptor. Picasso showed amazing artistic talent in his early years, painting in a realistic manner through his childhood and adolescence. During the first decade of the 20th century, his style changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques, and ideas. His revolutionary artistic accomplishments brought him universal renown and immense fortune, making him one of the best-known figures in 20th-century art.

Nobel Prize actoress
proposé par Lia

I, Lia, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy give the posthumous Cescole Nobel Prize to Marilyn Monroe.

I chose Marilyn Monroe because she was a famous actress and a American singer.

She was born on 1st June 1926 and she died on 5th August 1962 in Los Angeles. In 1950 she became a movie star and in 1960 she won the Golden Glob for the best actress. In 1945 she made her first film and dyed her hair in 1946. In 1962 she sang Happy Birthday, Mr. President for the President's birthday. She was depressed and she commited suicide in 1962.

Nobel prize in cinema
proposé par Emma
I, Emma, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy give the posthumous Cecole Nobel Prize to Marylin Monroe.

I chose her because she was a famous actress and she sang very well.

She was born in 1926 and she died in 1962. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortensen (Baker).

In 1945 she began a model career and she became blond.

In 1946 she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and she began an actress career.

In 1962 she died at her home but we don't know the cause of her death.

Nobel prize in music
proposé par Soraya

I, Soraya, member of the 11MA1 Nobel Academy, give the posthumous Cescole Nobel prize to Kurt Cobain.

I chose him because I think he sang very well and he made good music.

He was born in 1967 in the USA.

He was the lead singer and guitarist of grunge band Nirvana. He formed Nirvana with Krist Novoselic in 1985. The first album of Nirvana, Bleach, went out in 1989.

The band found success with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from its second album Nevermind.

However, Kurt Cobain was often uncomfortable and frustrated, he believed that his message and artistic vision was badly interpreted by his public. He challenged Nirvana's audience with its final album, in utero that went out in 1993.

During the last year of his life, he struggled with heroin addiction, illness and depression. He also had difficulty facing his success.

Kurt Cobain died in 1994. He was 27 years old. He killed himself by a self-inflected shotgun wound to the head. But some people think that he was murdered. His death became a subject of debate.

Nobel prize
proposé par Hélène

I, Hélène Mattmann, member of the 11MA1 Nobel prize to Leonard de Vinci. I chose Leonardo da Vinci because he fascinates me. Everything interested him, he was very intelligent.

Leonard was born in 1452 near Florence, in Italy and he died in 1519 near Ambroise. His father was a rich lawyer and his mother worked for the family. Leonard had 12 half brothers. In 1468, when he was 16 years old, he arrived at painter Verrochio's workshop. He received a good education from him. He liked to draw people and he was very social, however he was single and and he didn't have children during his life. He stayed in Florence until 1482. Next, he went to Milan where he studied horse anatomy to make a tall statue. But Verrochio died in 1488, when Leonard was 36 years old. However Leonard continued his studies, he made research in mechanics and invented hydraulic machines and a system to breathe under water. He made a painting competition vs Michel-Angelo but the painting by Leonard was destroyed. Leonard stayed in Milan until he was 47 years old. He traveled in Mantoue, in Venice after that in Romagne and again in Florence where he painted Mona Lisa (1502-1506) then in Milan where he painted he Last Supper (1493-1498) finally he went to Ambroise, in France where he died.

I think that Leonard de Vini must receive the Nobel prize because he was a talented artist.