Cartoon caracters
Sponge Bob
proposé par Mary

His name is Sponge bob

He is yellow

He is a Sponge

He wears pants

He lives under water

He loves to fish

He can remain under water

He works at the Krabbe Cripy

proposé par Thevan

                                                          His name is Mario

He lives in my Wii 
He is a plumber 
He has got a big nose and blue eyes 
He has got a brother called Luigi
He has got a mustache 
He can jump, double jump and do the back-flip
He likes to kick Bowseur's buttocks.

Minnie Mouse
proposé par Cynthia

Her name is Minnie Mouse. She has a dress and a bow tie, she is a little white mouse and she has got two big black ears. She loves Mickey. She can dance and she can help her friends. Minnie is a girl. And she lives with Mickey, her love.

proposé par Sabrina
Scooby-doo is a big brown dog with black spots.He has small ears and a big long nose.He doesn't live in a special place.He travels all the time but it's always in his car.Scooby-doo solves all the puzzles all the time.He is in a group consisting of friends (SAMI  VERA  DAFENE  FRED).They are inseparable.They solve mysteries. Scooby is a coward and what he really loves is Scooby Snacks.
Mickey Mouse
proposé par Jesse

His name is Mickey Mouse.

He is black.

He lives in cheese.

He has got big eyes.

He can eat cheese.

He likes cheese.

Papa Smurf
proposé par Bastien

He is short and blue.

He's got a long white beard.

He's got a red cap.

He's got black eyes and a big nose.

He lives the Cursed Land, in the Smurfs village.

He likes friends.

He doesn't like Gargamel.

He can Sleep.

Sponge Bob
proposé par Melissa

 Sponge bob lives in the sea in a pineapple with his snail Gary. Gary talks like a cat.

 He likes his friend Patrick.

he likes hamburger and he likes to annoy his neighbor Carlo.

Sponge Bob always dresses the same :

shorts and a shirt, black shoes and white socks with brown stripe.

he works in a hamburger restaurant and his boss his a crab.

there is a squirrel in a spacesuit. And her name is Sandy.