Favourite films
PS: I love you
proposé par Gwendoline

Holly Kennedy was married with Garry, an Irish and beautiful and perfect boy, for ten years, but he had a tumor. He died and Holly found herself alone. She became depressive and annihilated.

But on the day of her birthday her friends and her mum came home with a gift. It was a cassette recorder with a recording of her dead husband who say "you must have a party". The next day she got a letter from her husband... She got one every day and returned to Ireland where they had been. And with that she could overcame her situation and managed to be happy again.

I liked this film because, it is a fantastic love story.

proposé par Alice

Last Sunday I went to the cinema with my parents and my sister. I saw Camping.

It was a French film. It was released in 2006 by Fabien Onteniente. The main actors were Franck Dubosc, Mathilde Seignier and Gérard Lanvin.

The story took place in a camping in Arcachon in France. Some families met for the summer holiday. They met a rich surgeon, Michel Saint-Josse (Gérard Lanvin). His car had broken down near the camping. He went to Spain with his daughter for the holiday. Patrick Chirac (Franck Dubosc) suggested him to camp with his daughter in his tent. Michel Saint-Josse didn't know that kind of life. He didn't like it but he had no choice. When his car was repaired he went to Spain with his daughter.

I liked it because the film is funny. It was a comedy and I like that.

Summary of a film(Lol)
proposé par Margaux

It's a strory about a girl and her friends. She was called Lola and she was 15 years old. Her friends called her Lol. On the first day of school. Her boyfriend spoke with her. He said her he had betrayed her during the holiday. She recovered her friends. Her best friend got near to her. Lola got near to to Mäel. She fell in love with Maël. Lola wanted to speak of her problems with her mother. Because her mother, Anne was getting divorced. Lola's mother read Lola's diary and her friends went to England. Lola and Mäel got nearer. At the end Lola and Mäel fell in love with eachother.

The story took place in France. It was released in 2008. The main actors were Sophie Marceau, Christa Theret. Jérémy Kapone,... I liked it because the story is very funny!

The rock walking tall
proposé par Sabrina

It's a story about an ancient commando squad Chris (the rock). He returned home and discovered that everything was not as it used to be. An ancient sawmill had become a casino and drug and a fear were everywhere.

One evening, he went to the new casino for the first time and he saw that the employees forge the dice so that people lost. Chris began to get excited and he fought with security agents. They cut his skin with a cutter. After that, he found out who were the good and the bad ones. One day, he saw his neffew who had an overdose. He questioned somebody and discovered who was the dealer. He was so irritated that he went to the casino and broke everything. He ran away but he was caught by the police. He was proclaimed innocent and he became the new sheriff. He managed to imprison the bad guys but others came to attack him but Chris succeeded to hurt all of them seriously with his team-mate exept for the leader.

Then, he put them all into prison. He fell in love and he reactivated the sawmill and all was as it used to be. It's based on a true story.

proposé par Kylie

It's the story of White Mick, a drug seller. The name of the new drug that he sold was «Twelve», it's why the film was called like this. He didn't smoke, he didn't drink alcohol and he didn't take drugs. His supplier was Lionel and White Mike's best friend was Molly. The story took place in New York, in a rich district.

The story started when Lionel killed White Mike's cousin because he wasn't able to pay the drug that he wanted. Then White Mick went to parties to sell his diferent drugs. This night, at a party, a girl discovered «Twelve» and she took some. Then she was drug addict and the next day she wanted to buy some but when she had to pay, she didn't have any money so she proposed to paid in nature and Lionel accepted so they went to the house were there was the party and later in the night, White Mike discovered that Lionel killed his cousin and he went to the party and found Lionel and the girl and he wanted to kill him. However, Molly called White Mick and suggestif him to see him and he accepted, but Molly didn't know that her best friend was a dealer, she thought that he worked with his father. A few days later, they met in a café. They talked and in the evening, Molly went to a party but she didn't know that White Mick went to the same party to sell his drugs. When he arrived, some people said that White Mick the dealer was here and Molly saw him and she was very suprised and angry. Then a boy arrived with a rifle and killed many people and White Mick was hurt and the story finished when Molly came to visit White Mick at the hospital.
The film was released in 2010. The film maker was Joel Schumacher. The main actors were Chace Crawford (White Mick), Emma Roberts (Molly), 50 Cent (Lionel) and many other people.

I liked this film because it's a thriller and I liked the main actors.

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
proposé par Vanessa

I saw a film with my parents last night. The main actors were Daniel Radcliffe,
Rupert Grin and Emma Watson. The film was realised in England.

The story
was about Harry Potter who went to Hogwarts for the third time. But he learned that prisoner Sirius Black is escaped of the prison of Azkaban. After that he discovered that Sirius Black was his godfather and that Sirius could to change to a dog when he wanted. Finally, Harry Potter and his friends (Hermione and Ron) had succeeded to proove that Sirius black was not responsible for Harry's parents death.

The Devil wears Prada
proposé par Justine

The story took place in New-York. The story began when Andréa Sachs began to work for the famous magazine "Runway". The director was called Miranda Priestly and she was very demanding and horrible with Andréa. Her colleague, Emily, was horrible too.

But when Emily had an accident Andréa went to Paris to accompany Miranda. In Paris she met a famous designer and she realized that didn't like her job. Then she resigned and thanks to Miranda's recommandation she found another job. The mains actors were Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. The movie was released in 2005. I liked this movie because it was very funny.

Robin Hood
proposé par Thibault

The film was called Robin Hood. It was released on 14th May 2010. The producer was Ridley Scott and the main actor was called Russel Crowe, (Robin Hood).

There was a man, called Robin Hood, he lived in the forest and had a lot of friends. The sheriff's men were searching fo rRobin to kill him. The sheriff didn't find Robin, because he hid in the forest with his friends. He stole money from the rich, to give it to the weak. At the end there was a big fight and Robin killed the sheriff. Then Robin went to live in the castle.

My Opinion: I liked this film, because there was a lot of action and suspense. I think this film was very long but very interesting and funny. One thing that I didn't like, was that there weren't any girls.

proposé par Aless

Main actors : Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs , Plancton, Neptune.

The film was released in 2005.

Author: Stephen Hillenburg


Spongebob was a yellow sponge in big blue eyes he lived in a pineapple on the sea. He was very naïve and stupid. He worked on the Crunchy Crab with his boring neighbour ''Carlo the Squid''. His main hobbies were fishing jellyfish, making bubbles, playing the great hero and having fun with his friends Patrick. One day Plankton decided to steal King Neptune's crown and to accuse Mr Krabs (Spongebob's boss), to steal Krabs Pastry's recipe (the restaurant's speciality).

Neptune got crazy about Mr Krabs and gave Spongebob 7 days to Patrick to find it otherwise Mr Krabs would met a tragic end.

Spongebob and his friend embarked on a precarious adventure in the direction of Shell City where the crown was.

Nothing Hill
proposé par Laetitia

Nothing Hill was a story about a superstar and a normal people. The movie was released in 1999. It took place in Nothing Hill. The main actors were Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Anna Scott was a movie superstar. She was the best actress of the world. William Tracker was a simple man. He worked in a bookshop. He lived with his crazy best friend. He was divorced. His life changed when he met Anna in his bookshop. Anna was wonderful and William fell in love with her. She didn't love him so he was desperate.

Their lives were different because she was famous and he wasn't. But finally she realized that she loved him too ! She went to William's house and she said " I'm only a girl in front of a boy asking him to love her".

William thought that she was lying. He wanted to forget her. But he couldn't. At the end, they kissed and they got married. They lived happily together for ever. 
proposé par Thomas Gonzalez
  The film began on a spaceship near the planet Pandora. The story was about a man, Jacke Sully, who was sent to Pandora to help the humans to win the Naa'vi's confidence, the inhabitants of Pandora who lived in a huge tree, and after that, to chase them because their house-tree was on an enormous quantity of a rock what had a great value! To do that, he had to take the control of an avatar that look like a Naa'vi. On his arrival on Pandora, he wasn't lucky because a huge tiger chased him, he jumped from a cliff, fortunately he fell in the water and he escaped from the tiger but he was lost. A few hours later, he met a Naa'vi girl, he fell in love immediately with her and she took him to her village. The chief of the village decided to make trust him, but he had to be a member of the tribe. To be a member, he had to chase like a Naa'vi. At the end of his learning to be a hunter, he married the girl he met the first day. Then, he didn't want to chase Naa'vis, but he wanted to chase humans! At the end of the film, there was a war between humans and Naa'vis. Humans had some fire arms but the Naa'vis used some bows and huge animals. Finally, the Naa'vis won the war!

The film was released from 1997 to 2009 by James Cameron.


proposé par Jessica
Garfield's life changed when Jon Arbuckle, his master, returned with a dog, Odie. Garfield threw out Odie. The dog was captured by Happy Chapman. Remorseful, Garfield saved Odie and he brought him home...

The film was made by Peter Hewitt in 2004. The main actors were Breckin Meyer (Jon Arbuckle), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Lise Wilson, a veterinary) and Stephen Tobolowski (Happy Chapman)

I liked this film, because it was very funny.

Cool Runnings
proposé par Jordane

Cool Runnings was an American movie released in Jamaica and in Canada by John Turtletaub.

The story was based on the true story of the Jamaican national bobsleigh team's debut at the 1988 Winter olympics in Calgary, Canada.

Dorice Bannock had a dream: he wanted to go to the summer olympics but he didn't qualify so he decided to make a bobsleigh team with Sanka Coffi, his best friend ant the best pushcart pilot of Jamaica, Yul Brenner and Junnior Bevil. Their coatch was Irvin Blitzer, double olympic bobsleigh champion. To go to Canada they got some money but they didn't have enough. Then Sanka sang a song in the street, Yul made arm wrestling to earn money. But they didn't earn enough so Junior sold his car and they could go to Calgary. The team didn't know bobsleigh and they saw it for the first time. They made some training with their bobsleigh (it was very old and not good).

The team was qualified and later disqualified by vengance... Kurt Hemphill was Irvin's coach in 1973 and he wanted to take revange on him because he had cheated. But Irvin negociated with Kurt and the team could start again. They made three runs. The first was not good, but the second was better and they feel during the last run ... They finished their run by carrying the bobsleigh.

I liked this movie because it was very funny. Sanka always said funny things and funny aventures happened to the team.


proposé par Matias

Last Sunday I went to the cinema with my parents and I saw a film. It was the story of a man who tortured other people, he didn't kill them. The police tried to stop him.

The film was released in 2004. The main actors were Cary Elwes Leigh Whannell Danny Glover Monica Potter Michael Emerson Tobin Bell. I liked the film.

Pirates of caribbean 2 Dead man's Chest
proposé par Magali

Jack Sparrow went to a prison to look for something . When he returned to his ship, he showed a drawing of a key. His crew asked him what it was. He answered them, that it was used to open something. Without the key, they could not open it. So they had to find the key.

William Turner and Elizabeth Swann were arrested while helping Jack Sparrow to escape. Lord Cutler Beckett made a deal with William Turner. He had to take Jack Sparrow's compass and he and Elizabeth would be free.

Jack Sparrow thought that the Kraken was hunting him, because he has had the Black Pearl for 12 years. That monster belonged to Davy Jones. A few years before, Davy Jones had torn off to his heart and he had put it in a chest, because he had an unhappy love affair. So he thought that there was no more sense to live. To escape the Kraken, Captain Sparrow had to take the heart and it had to cut.

Jack Sparrow sent out William Turner to pay the debt of Jack Sparrow at Davy Jones. Davy Jones arrived near Will Turner and he said: Why are you here without dying? Will Turner explained to Davy Jones that he came Jack Sparrow. So Davy Jones kept William in his crew. The boy met his father that he hadn't seen for a long time. A few days later, William stole the key and he escaped. Elizabeth escaped from the prison and she joined to Jack Sparrow to wait William Turner

When William arrived on the Black Pearl, the ship went to Muerta island where the chest was that contained Davy Jones's heart. Later, Jack Sparrow, William Turner and James Norrington, fought, to have the heart. If it was Jack had it, the Kraken would stop hunt. If it was William had it, he could free his father from the crew of the Dutch Flying, If it was James Norrington had it, he could be comodor. At the end of the battle, Jack Sparrow had the heart but Davy Jones's crew arrived on the island to at the heart, So during this time, James Norrington stole the heart.

Davy Jones who thought that Jack Sparrow had the heart, sent the Kraken to kill Jack Sparrow. Jack's crew ran away but Elizabeth handcuffed jack Sparrow on the ship and she left with the others. They said that Jack wanted to stay with the Pearl, And the Kraken killed Jack Sparrow and James Norrington showed the heart to Lord Cutler Beckett and then, was commodor again.

I liked it a lot because there is a lot of action and it's funny and it's never boring.

Cool runnings
proposé par Mégane

The main actors were Leon Robinson, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba and John Candy. The film maker was Jon Turteltaub. It was released in 1993.

It is the story of four Jamaicains who all had a dream in common ; to win a medal in a discipline that is totally unknown and impossible for them to practice in Jamaica : bobsleigh. They trained hard with their coach to go to the Olympic games. They arrived in Calgary to qualify for the games.

The second party of the movie took place in Canada, where they made bobsleigh runs. Will they manage to get a medal ?

I liked this film because it was very funny and because it was about sport. It is my favourite movie !


Very Bad Trip
proposé par Chris

They had planned a stag party in Las Vegas which they would never forget. But, now they really needed to now what had happened during the night before, because : Who did the baby in the cupboard of belong to ? : How did a tiger arrive in their bathroom? : Why was a tooth missing in one of them ? : And especially, where was THE bridegroom ??? To remember all this, they had to imake scandalous tricks !

But, after they have decode all the signs which they found, they had answers to their questions, they found the bridegroom and even arrived on time at the marriage.

I liked this movie, because it was really funny and at the beginning of the movie, we didn't really now how they put themselves in that bad adventure, thus we wanted to know the story !!!

That movie was released in 2009 by Todd Phillips. The actors were Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and others... The original title of this movie was ''The Hangover''.

proposé par Lauriane

Marty the zerba ran away from the zoo in Central Park in New York City because his birthday wish was to return to wild life. His friends, Alex le lion. Gloria the hipopotame and Maelman the giraffe left to look for him.

Their escape from the zoo made the people of the zoo take the decision to bring them back to wild life.

When the animals woke up they were all in boxes on a boat on the way to Kenya...

During a storm, their boxes fell down from the boat and derived to Madagascar...

When the animals arrived on the island, they had to get used to wild life.

They met a band of crazy lemurs and spent a good time with them. But Alex the carnivore was hungry and needed meat, so he ran away not to eat the others.

But when the boat that had to bring them to New York arrived, Alex was still not there. Everybody left to his research, when they found him, they gave him some fish and he liked that !

When there were back to the boat, they saw there was no more gasoline. Then they stayed in Madagascar ant they were very happy !!!

Madagascar was released in 2005 by DreamWorks.

I liked this film very much because it was very funny and nice !

Save the last dance
proposé par Maude
It was the story of Sarah, a blond American girl. She was a classical dancer and was very gifted. At the beggining of the story, Sarah's mother died in a car accident, and Sarah become very worried. She lost a dance competition and went to live in her father's house. He lived in Chicago, and he was a jazz musician.

Sarah began a new school. She was the only white girl. All the other people was black. She stayed alone during the first days, but, at the end of the week, Chenille and her brother Derek became friends with Sarah. Derek was a young and very beautiful man and he was a hip-hop dancer. They fell in love, and Derek thought hip-hop at Sarah. But their families and friends tried of separate them.

Sarah and Derek stayed together, but all their friends weren't happy. Sarah made classical dance again, and continued hip-hop. When she was ready, Sara went again to dance competition, and won !

« Save the last dance » was released in 2001. The main actors were Julia Stiles (Sarah), Sean Patrick Thomas (Derek), Terry Kinney (Sarah's father) and Kerry Washington (Chenille). The producter was called Thomas Carter.

The story happened in the U.S.A, in Chicago, in the years 2000... I liked this film, because it was happy and very funny, because the actors were very gifted and because it was a film about dance. I saw this DVD with a friend.

Shark tale
proposé par Estelle

It was an American film released in 2004. It was made byby Eric Bergeron. The story took place in the ocean. The main actors were:

* Oscar, a fish

* Angie, a fish

* Lenny, a shark

* Frankie, a shark (Lenny's brother)

* Don Lino, a shark (Frankie and Lenny's father)

The story talked about a fish, called Oscar. He loved Angie and he wanted to be famous. He persuaded the others than he had killed a shark (Frankie) to be famous. But the shark was killed by an anchor. Oscar became famous and rich but Frankie's brother, Lenny was a shark different from the others, he was vegetarian and he became friend with Oscar. But Don Lino was irritated against Lenny because he didn't eat fish and he hate Oscar because he was sure that he had killed his child, Frankie. Then, he decided to kill Oscar. Angie loved Oscar before but she didn't like him now because he was rich and he didn't take care of her. Finally, Oscar told the truth to the others and Don Lino didn't kill him and Angie loved him and they were happy together...